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Present Life of the Korean Superstar Rain

We all loved Rain the cute Korean actor in the 2004 TV drama “Full House,” and after that television drama, his entire fan base in the show business industry steadily grew which gave him a lot of more projects.

From movies, music, and television shows he has it all and most of us wants to become updated on what he is doing even people that are not a fan of K-pop became an instant avid K-pop follower because of him.

Thanks to Rain because of him the influence of Korean celebrities are now well-known all over the world. The guy also served in the military as a requirement in their country and many people have anticipated his return in the showbiz industry.

Rain established his entertainment agency which he called “R.A.I.N” in 2015. He is the CEO of the company, and he is now focusing on creating “stars.” His firm has collaborated with different agencies in helping people to achieve their showbiz dreams.

Rain, one of the wealthiest Korean stars in the world and this company which added to his portfolio is the most prominent venture that he is taking on. Because of the sprout of new Korean actors, it is a move for Rain. When he started the company, he knew that we could not defy aging and it is an excellent decision to have a transition from being an actor to producing actors and actresses and bringing up the best in them in the most efficient way.

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