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The Akasha Boys Irked Americans

The Akasha Boys Irked Americans

The Akasha boys made millions of dollars from trafficking illegal drugs to the united states of America, Europe, Asia among others.

Us embassy officials had complained about the drugs trade for many years as well as the drug trafficking at the Mombasa port in the Republic of Kenya which seemed to have left the authorities defeated.

Mr. Mark Bellamy, the former ambassador of the united states, had previously complained about how the drugs selling groups had made major inroads to Kenya, hence corrupting, bribing as well as killing their way into position to operate freely.

The death of the drug lord Akasha had left his sons being able to mandate the sale of drugs hence continuing with the vices of their father. These brothers include Baktash as well as Ibrahim Akasha

Back in December the year of 2004, cocaine that was worth 5 billion shillings was found disguised as bananas in, and there was no progress as to who owned this drug. These drugs had been hidden in a container that was refrigerated and was packed in the tanks of fuel of a speedboat which was ready for shipping.

Similar to that case, in the 3rd of September in the year 2005, the press had received information from Abdullahi that eight people, including five security officers, had been arrested in connection with a multimillion shilling container theft racket that was at the port and had vowed to stamp it out.

However, three months later Abdullah was killed outside his house as he parked his car. This killing only demonstrated how much the sale and drug trafficking had penetrated the Republic of Kenya. The American believed that by shipping cocaine in multi-tone loads, the drug traffickers must have been assured that it would be protected.

 It was also reported that in Latin America the drug lords load the cocaine to the sea fruit containers to Mombasa near the Suez Canal. Moreover, in Kenya these drugs would further be broken down and then sent to Europe by being hidden among exports, for example, frozen fish, cut flowers as well as pre-packed vegetables.

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