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The Late George HW Bush Last Words

The Late George HW Bush Last Words

The United States and the world especially the family of the late US President is mourning with the death of a great man that has huge accomplishments in his country in the world of politics.

The thought of passing away in this world is really sad but we will all come to an end as life here on Earth is just temporary. Last Friday night, the late president succumbed to death because of Parkinson’s disease.

The disease is said to affect older people and its onset mostly shows when a person reaches the age of 70 years old. The late president is 94 years old when he died last Friday and he is surrounded by his loving family.

His son which is also a former president in the name of George W. Bush told his father when we have in his deathbed that he has been a great father to them on a speakerphone and his father replied immediately saying “I love you too.”

Although it is really sad to see a father passes away his children and grandchildren knew that it was his time to go back to the Almighty because of his very advanced age.

His remains will be buried near his wife who died last April 2017 and his son who died as a child because of leukemia. Even though the former president has already died his accomplishments as a politician will never be forgotten and his legacy will always be in the hearts of the American people.

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