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Oppo soon Have the First 5G Phone

Oppo to Have the First 5G Phone In 2019

When it comes to signal 5G is the most anticipated part of 2019 because it will be fully implemented at the onset of 2019. Oppo has shown its interest in achieving it and will surely boost up its sales because of the great anticipation of smartphone users to experience a one of a kind 5G network.

Oppo is collaborating with Qualcomm for their 5G vision and what they are targeting is to mass produce phones that have 5G integrated on them. However, its counterparts have their corresponding 5G development tool for them to cope up with the stiff competition of smartphone manufacturing business.

Throughout the years Oppo have planted its footprints on the smartphone manufacturing industry, and its customers are delighted on the products they have released in this current year such new features that have taken the hearts of the people are:

  • Fast-charging options that can support up to 50 watts.
  • Whole screen display with a slide up camera casing.
  • Three dedicated cameras
  • Face recognition and can unlock the phone because of it.

The company also has demonstrated the first 5G video call which shows that they are taking the integration of 5G on their products very seriously. It is also known that Oppo has much cheaper pricing compared to its counterparts which gives them a good run if they succeed in releasing the 5G network integrated smartphones first in public and one thing is for sure that we will have the opportunity to experience the said technology this coming 2019.

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