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Ezeiza, with a new terminal in 2019: the zeppelin

The Ezeiza airport will have a single terminal for all airlines starting in September, with a gigantic building they are building behind where the old Hotel Internacional was.

The work, financed jointly by the State and the concessionaire Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA2000), will cost a total of 7,000 million pesos in this stage, which includes the new terminal and a new parking building, with 1,800 additional parking spaces. the current ones. This was confirmed by both AA2000 and State sources.

AA2000 has been the concessionaire of 33 national airports in almost all provinces for more than 20 years, including the two busiest airports, Ezeiza and Aeroparque. From this company they are contributing part of the funds to modernize Ezeiza, although to a large extent it is the passengers themselves who finance the works: both passengers and airlines pay airport fees that, in turn, feed trust funds that are destined to infrastructure.

Of course, since 2016 the concessionaire headed by Eduardo Eurnekian is making an out-of-contract payment that multiplies its obligations by almost six for the 2016-2019 period: according to sources from the Regulatory Body of the National Airport System (Orsna), the contributions of AA2000 for this period in all the airports and equivalent to about $ 15,000 million. The rest is provided by the State, through the trust funds (only the previous government had left $ 6,000 left unexecuted). In the case of Ezeiza, the new works are basically two large terminals, one of which will be ready this year, and another for arrivals, which would be inaugurated in 2021.

The 45,000m2 building (equivalent to four and a half blocks) is likely to be called “Zeppelin” since its architectural design includes a building structure within another (in the style of the “Blue Whale” Cultural Center Kirchner) with the shape of an airship, at the height of the first floor, which is where passengers will access the Migration area and pre-board.

From AA2000 they indicated that they will have 146 check-in positions and another 60 “self-check in” positions. The arrival building will be in 2021: a huge building equivalent to almost eight blocks, with 14 luggage removal tapes.

Although Ezeiza is not the airport with the largest number of passengers (in 2018 it passed 11.2 million people, against 13.3 million in Aeroparque), it is the main international terminal in the country, with double aisle airplanes and shipments of between 250 and 350 people per flight.

Currently passengers arriving at Ezeiza embark on two terminals, the A and C. The latter is currently almost exclusively used by Aerolíneas Argentinas and will be partially demolished, to give more space to the new arrivals building. As for terminal A, the most important today, its use has not yet been defined: it could be used to centralize cabotage flights.

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