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For The EV Project Elon Musk Given Support to VW CEO

For The EV Project Elon Musk Given Support to VW CEO

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk given some support to embattled Volkswagen Chief Executive Herbert Diess, regardless of the German automaker’s legal troubles regarding its high-profile Dieselgate scandal.

Regardless of allegations made by the EPA relating to the German automaker, Musk gave Diess support as an acknowledgment to an article, also mentioned that the VW executive had won an award for “Worst Sense of Timing.” This arrives just a few weeks after the Tesla CEO trolled Volkswagen for cheating on emissions testing.

The scandal appeared in September 2015 when the United States EPA discovered that the German automaker was using “cheat devices” in its automobiles to pass the emissions testing. The company had intentionally programmed its Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel vehicles only to use emissions controls throughout laboratory testing, thus violating the EPA’s Clean Air Act. Volkswagen has paid near $33 billion in penalties since the scandal started.

The company assumes that the new warehouse that will be located in Salzgitter, Germany shall be accomplished in either 2023 or 2024. The $991.72 million projects is a joint affair, as Volkswagen has decided to work with Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt. Volkswagen additionally plans to utilize its recycling plant to make its batteries much more environmentally-friendly.

Diess resign his post at German automaker BMW after he was not given the CEO position and joined VW about two months before the Dieselgate scandal breaking. Diess is the conductor in Volkswagen’s huge $33 billion plan to start manufacture electric vehicles, as they announced the company’s new battery-powered ID.3 on September 9.

Unfortunately, this campaign might come to a screeching halt as Diess, along with other VW frontmen, are presently dealing with stock market manipulation charges. However, it continues to be noticed the men will have their day in court or not.

While Volkswagen has been found to have intentionally placed devices in its vehicles which have harmed the environment, Musk’s kind words towards Diess are a sign that the company is taking the mandatory steps to move towards a more sustainable option of transportation. Volkswagen has put its money where its mouth is, pledging nearly a billion Euros towards producing electric vehicle batteries.

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