Our Company

The company is interested in short term and medium term horizons. It works with both long and short term equities.

It makes analysis of macro economics.

The company was founded in 2003 year, by financial analyst David Stone. The founder of this company has worked with prestigious financial magazines before. After a while he decided to found his own business.

They take a challenge uncovering big calls every day. They help to pick most profitable strategy at the stock market.

The head of Elazar and his works simply don’t see the task as different. They rather see analysis as a rewarding process, which helps them to reach all goals.

Usually, they work with big companies, helping them with businesses. However, they have individual clients as well. Specialists from Elazar teach these companies different scenarios of behavior.

The company was very successful at the market. Their earnings grew up. It was even included in the official street data. Prestigious financial newspapers have quoted them.

They have created a special service for readers called Help with Tech. It helps clients to find the most profitable stocks on a tech markets across the world. They check shares with the biggest potentials.

Company believes that this year will be focused on technologies. And it is the perfect time to make investments.

Before writing analysis, specialists use to talk to dozens of companies, checking their stocks. They take requests of clients and analyze information. Their task is to provide the best model before it hit the street and point on the high dividends stocks, so you can make the money.

November 2019
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